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Our Services


If your school has a need for IT installations or upgrades, DL Solutions are able to provide a complete solution from acquiring quotes and planning deployments through to installing and project managing the entire process.

We understand that schools budgets are often tight and so will always ensure that schools get the best value for money. Our unique approach means that we always put the needs of the school first, ensuring you get a top quality service at a fraction of the cost of many other consultants.


DL Solutions are able to support schools with all their IT needs. From Administration systems to curriculum classroom systems, we provide a high level of support for all.

With DL Solutions on-board, each school is assigned their own primary support technician who will work closely with you to ensure they know your systems and requirements well to fully support the schools individual needs.

On-site Services

At DL Solutions, we realise that looking after an IT system is not always easy and sometimes requires skilled engineers to carry out works and ensure the systems are in the best working order.

Many schools are currently making use of our professional and friendly on-site service which promises to put the schools needs first. 

With DL Solutions on-board each school is assigned their own primary support technician who will visit on a regular basis to ensure all the schools IT systems are kept in good working order. As well as fixing any issues you may be having, our technicians will ensure that your IT systems stay healthy and carry out checks including:

  • Anti-virus/Malware protection.

  • Ensure backups are working correctly.

  • Operating system updates are applied

  • System event logs are checked.

  • Upgrade software.

As well as keeping the system up to date and working correctly, our engineers can carry out tasks such as:

  • Deploying software

  • Install new client devices

  • Hardware repairs and upgrades

  • Acquiring quotes

  • One to one training

  • Investigate/evaluate new software or equipment

  • Plan and advise on system changes or upgrades


Our engineers have almost 50 combined years of experience installing IT equipment in schools, businesses and homes. We are able to provide services for the installation of all IT equipment including:

  • Servers

  • Desktops

  • Laptops

  • iPads

  • Apple Managed Networks

  • Android Tablets

  • Networking / Cabling

  • Wi-Fi

  • Hardware upgrades

  • Fully tailored Websites

  • Interactive Screens / Whiteboards

  • Digital Signage

  • Printing Solutions

  • Audio and Visual

All installations are carried out by our team of IT experts or trusted, proven third party contractors that are all DBS checked.  

Equipment is only sourced from reliable third party companies that we feel can fully support schools' needs. Multiple quotes are often sourced to ensure that schools get the best value for money and all purchases are open and honest so that schools can ensure they are getting the best deal possible.

Classroom Solutions

With our extensive knowledge of education IT systems, DL Solutions are able advise you on the best solutions to bring IT in to the classrooms.

From small, fun classroom projects such as coding robots, to installing full IT suites and presentation boards, we can ensure you get the best solutions for your needs.

With contacts across the education market, DL Solutions can advise on systems and even arrange demonstrations so that you will be sure that the products will suit your needs.

Network Solutions

An area that is often overlooked when planning a new IT system, or keeping a current system up to date, is the network infrastructure. Often schools will order a network upgrade from one company and the IT equipment from another, only to find that they are not getting a fully planned out or compatible system. This can mean that sockets are located in the wrong positions, leading to unsightly cables running across classrooms.

DL Solutions can ensure that any new equipment is installed with the correct network and electrical requirements by working closely with our cabling company partners to ensure all network points and plug sockets are installed in the correct locations.

We also ensure that any new equipment has sufficient cabling solutions ensuring a clean and clutter free environment.  

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