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User Guides

Welcome to our User Guides page. Below are useful help guides to help our customers with a number of common IT issues.

If you would like any additional help or advice please feel free to Contact Us and we will be happy to help.

This information is free to use and distribute. Please feel free to share this information with other schools

This page is regularly updated, so please ensure that you check back to see the latest news and documents


How to allow Flash Player in Google Chrome

With updates to Google Chrome, Flash player is blocked by default. To enable Flash Player to run while using Google Chrome, follow these simple instructions.


How to allow Flash Player in Microsoft Edge

With updates to Microsoft Edge, Flash player is blocked by default. To enable Flash Player to run while using Microsoft Edge, follow these simple instructions.

Internet Settings.jpg

How to manually change Internet Proxy Settings

When using devices, such as laptops, between Home and School, there are some Internet changes that need to be made. 


How to manually set Adobe as default PDF Program

By default, Windows 10 will always try to use Microsoft Edge to open PDF Files. Follow these instructions to manually set the default setting to open with Adobe Reader.


How to Use 7-Zip to Encrypt Files and Folders

With the introduction of new GDPR regulations it is becoming ever more important to encrypt files and folders before sending to other parties.

Follow these simple instructions to convert your files to a zip file with encryption and password protection.

Updata Web Filtering Guide.JPG

Adding Essex Broadband SSL Certificate

If you are an Essex School using the Essex Essex Broadband service, some websites may be blocked if you do not have the SSL installed.  Click Visit to open the Updata Certificate page containing the Certificate and instructions.


Changing Your Logon Password

This guide will help if you wish to change your Network Logon Password.


Setting up OneDrive

This guide will help if you wish to use Microsoft OneDrive for saving files. Before setting up OneDrive, please ensure that your organisation has a GDPR policy to cover the usage of OneDrive.


Duplicating Screens Presentations

Some projectors and Interactive Screens may not display your desktop correctly. Follow this guide to duplicate your screen on both displays.


Using Windows 10 Ink Workspace

Ink Workspace can be a useful tool for quickly accessing tools. This guide is an overview of Ink Workspace Feature


Changing Your Office 365 Password

Follow this guide to change your Office 365 Password.


Setting your Office 365 email Signature

Follow this guide to set your Office 365 Signature.

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