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On Site Services

At DL Solutions, we realise that looking after an IT system is not always easy and sometimes requires skilled engineers to carry out works and ensure the systems are in the best working order.

Many schools are currently making use of our professional and friendly on-site service which promises to put the schools needs first. 

With DL Solutions on-board each school is assigned their own primary support technician who will visit on a regular basis to ensure all the schools IT systems are kept in good working order. As well as fixing any issues you may be having, our technicians will ensure that your IT systems stay healthy and carry out checks including:

  • Anti-virus/Malware protection.

  • Ensure backups are working correctly.

  • Operating system updates are applied

  • System event logs are checked.

  • Upgrade software.

As well as keeping the system up to date and working correctly, our engineers can carry out tasks such as:

  • Deploying software

  • Install new client devices

  • Hardware repairs and upgrades

  • Acquiring quotes

  • One to one training

  • Investigate/evaluate new software or equipment

  • Plan and advise on system changes or upgrades

Our technicians are there for your needs and will ensure that works are carried out to your requirements.

We recommend that single form entry schools take a minimum of fortnightly, 4 hour visits to ensure systems are maintained at a high quality. 

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